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2009-11-25 00:03:53 by HunterZ3

I'm tired of all these disgusting animations with sexual jokes (especially dick ones), because they aren't really funny. I'd like to see this to be a good clean site without "adult" animations or games and especially without half the worthless crap I see on here. It should be a site for people who have worked really hard on there animation, music, or game; wishing to present a good quality work on this site for the viewing pleasure of anyone online and to gain feedback on how to get better. We shouldn't have to wade through a bunch of half assed made flashes to find something good, cause I hate to break to yah, a swirling background around a random picture with the words vote 5 flashing isn't a quality work. I respect those who honestly work hard on their animations, games, and music; and I'm tired of those who constantly push garbage. Also, its not just the quality of the flash, but the content too. Some of you have good animation, but crap to disgusting content that's just an embarrassment to the site...

solid animating + good content + superb sound support = great work & better score

A special thank you to all those who have made this site good like: SamBakZa with your There She Is!!! series; Alvin-Earthworm with your Super Mario Bros. Z series; Adam Phillips with your series on Bitey; durn and Waterflame for your good music; and to the many others I have enjoyed. Keep up the good work! To those who constantly put trash on here, either shape up or ship out please.